Alien Cycle is a part of Custom Vintage Cycle, a motorcycle shop located at 215 Ft Worth Dr in Denton Texas 76201 for the past 20 years. My goal here is to have available parts to keep GY6 type scooters running. When I refer to "GY6 Type" I'm referring to makes like Tao-Tao and other Chinese brands, and generally engine displacements of 50cc to about 300cc's. I do not do anything with major brands such as Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki as parts must usually always be sourced from dealers. I also don't do anything with large displacement 400cc's and up.  Whether or not I will be doing service is yet to be decided as I clear up a very busy and full schedule of motorcycle work.


Q: Why should I buy from you when I can get stuff cheaper from amazon, walmart and ebay?

A: As a small shop I do not buy things in the thousands for price breaks. Also and most important when you buy from me you get a level of personalization and service you don't get with big box places.  I also collect sales tax which adds to the price, but also adds to the local community tax base for community services.

Q: I bought this part some place else and have a problem with it and questions. Will you help me out?

A: NO. See above. This is a business. I support the products I sell, not the products some place else sells. Go see them.