What is my motorcycle worth?

I get quite a few calls asking about what a motorcycle is worth from people trying to sell theirs. The real truth of the answer is “What ever someone is willing to pay you.” With that being said I’ll let you in on my top secret method of really finding out what something is worth. […]

DTC 1353 and 1356 Harley Twincam

Diagnostic Trouble Codes P1353 and P1356 Front (1353) and Rear (1356) Cylinder No Combustion This is usually a self explanatory code when a cylinder isn’t firing. It’s either mechanical or electrical. If it has compression, then it’s electrical. Sometimes these codes are set and the bike will run fine. The problem is most likely in […]

Ion Sensing Explained

What is Ion Sensing? What is it used for ? How does it work?   So what is an Ion ? An Ion is a atom or molecule that does not have an equal number of electrons and protons and is therefore either positively or negatively charged.     So where do these Ions come […]

Harley-Davidson / Delphi Single Fire Ignition

The Delphi single fire ignition system that Harley-Davidson uses is a cost cutting method, not an improvement over the systems that used the cam position sensor, as is the single throttle body vs the dual throttle body that Magneti-Marelli uses. The way that the Delphi ignition works is rather complicated, but can basically be explained […]

Daytona Twin Tec TCFI Fuel Controller

This is my review of the Daytona Twin Tec Fuel controller, the TCFI unit for 2001 to 2006 Harley-Davidson twin cam engines. The customers bike came in with DTC codes 1353 and 1356. The bike was actually running okay, it ended up that the stock ECM was bad and throwing these codes erroneously. So rather […]