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Re-Setting Harley-Davidson TSSM Module

This procedure applies to the 2005 and up TSM/TSSM module Are your blinkers suddenly flashing at you and you haven’t done anything? I was working on a 2011 Dyna and this happened to me. I changed out the bars and tail light and blinkers finished servicing it and went to start it. Firstly the bike […]

Lehman Trike Axle Service

  Lehman trike axles are pretty straight forward. From time to time you should grease the differential and stick your head under there and just check things out well. It is also advisable to check the axle bearings when servicing your trike. It’s as simple as grabbing the wheel and checking to see it spins […]

Break-In and General Maintence

The object of breaking in a new engine is to keep damaging friction heat to a minimum. During the break in time the mating surfaces of the new engine parts are wearing into each other, thus causing slightly extra engine heat, and there will also be some metal particles present at this time. Because of […]

Gear Oil 101

  This is a quick post about what you should know about gear oil. Honestly there isn’t a whole lot to know… except if you own an older 4 speed or possibly 3 speed transmission.   First things first is that a good 20w/50 motor oil, preferably synthetic, is just fine in your trans….almost any motorcycle […]

Kicker PXi 50.2 Tunes!

Ever get sick of singingĀ  “Born to be Wild” over and over to yourself while on a road trip? Want to have tunes without the radio part of it? Limited on space and don’t have, or want a fairing? The Kicker PXi 50.2 just might be your answer. It’s easier to install than it probably […]

The N1 Shifter Drum

Perhaps you have been there… 1st, 2nd, 1st, 2nd, 1st, 2nd…grrrrr! Your not stuck in traffic, your just trying to find NEUTRAL! Dammit! You know when you find neutral real easy don’t ya? When you take off hard in 1st and shift into what you thought was going to be 2nd….and then all of a […]

What is my motorcycle worth?

I get quite a few calls asking about what a motorcycle is worth from people trying to sell theirs. The real truth of the answer is “What ever someone is willing to pay you.” With that being said I’ll let you in on my top secret method of really finding out what something is worth. […]

DTC 1353 and 1356 Harley Twincam

Diagnostic Trouble Codes P1353 and P1356 Front (1353) and Rear (1356) Cylinder No Combustion This is usually a self explanatory code when a cylinder isn’t firing. It’s either mechanical or electrical. If it has compression, then it’s electrical. Sometimes these codes are set and the bike will run fine. The problem is most likely in […]

Ion Sensing Explained

What is Ion Sensing? What is it used for ? How does it work?   So what is an Ion ? An Ion is a atom or molecule that does not have an equal number of electrons and protons and is therefore either positively or negatively charged.     So where do these Ions come […]

Harley-Davidson / Delphi Single Fire Ignition

The Delphi single fire ignition system that Harley-Davidson uses is a cost cutting method, not an improvement over the systems that used the cam position sensor, as is the single throttle body vs the dual throttle body that Magneti-Marelli uses. The way that the Delphi ignition works is rather complicated, but can basically be explained […]