American V-Twin Motorcycle Parts

Alien Cycle sells motorcycle parts for American made V Twin motorcycles like Harley-Davidson and custom bikes built with similar parts. We are a parts dealer for companies such as S&S Cycle, Baker Drivetrain, Rivera/Primo, Andrews Products, Jim’s Machining and many more. We have been in business, in the same place since 1998. I also have a limited selection of used motorcycle parts which can be a great way to save some cash.

I specialize in motorcycle parts for older V Twin bikes from Flatheads to Evo’s. I have a lot of knowledge and a good amount of experience with Twin Cams also, I just don’t know them inside and out like the older bikes.

I offer a good selection of quality parts that can be trusted. I don’t offer everything out there. My goal with is to be geared toward engine and hard parts. Hard parts are those parts that keep your motorcycle running, not flashy accessories.


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